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Oh My Goodness! and the Highway 127 Yardsale

Oh.My.Goodness! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have posted anything! I can’t say that I have a really good excuse, but there has been A LOT going on here lately. 1) I finished my first year of teaching. 2) My brother is getting married, and I am designing a lot of things for their wedding. 3) My house is a complete disaster area because of a small rough patch in my life (which is now fixed btw). 4) I’ve started my own business, The Prickly Pear. As you can see, lots and lots of things going on. BUT I’m going to try to get better about this posting stuff…hopefully.

Ok, next thing on my list. Every year during the first weekend in August, the world longest YARD SALE is set up along Highway 127. It runs from Michigan to Alabama, and it also conveniently is a short distance from my house. YAY!!! I love going to this yard sale even though it is extremely hot and we are gone all day. You never know what you’ll find or see for that matter.

Here are some of the things I found during this year’s trip:

I got this window for $5 because one of the panes was broken out. It benefits me because that one less pane I have to take out myself!

Some old records. Craftiness at work here!

This crate that Coco can’t stay out of…lol


Spools to wind my loose twine onto. These aren’t tiny ones like they seem in the picture–they’re about 3.5 inches tall.

Cake pop tray. I tried to make some before by rolling the mix into balls with my hands…..didn’t go to well. Maybe this will help me.

And the last item…..wait for it….a small 3-drawer chest….filled with all sorts of sewing supplies! And as you can see, my cat, Coco, approves.

Middle drawer contents.

Bottom drawer contents.

I think I did pretty good for the stuff I got for the amount of money I spent. One thing I always make sure I do before buying things like these is ask myself…Where are you going to put it? and What are you going to use it for? If there is not an answer, then I don’t get it…..unless it is something I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE!! My house is small enough as it is without me adding more clutter to it.