About Me

Hello, Hello!

My name is Meagan, and I am the designer of my own business, The Prickly Pear. Don’t ask where I got the idea for the name because I have absolutely no idea where it came from! I design and make a little bit of everything–keychains, tutu dresses, invitations, etc.  I’ll even involve power tools if I need to (and I have)!

I am from a small town in Tennessee. I went to college and got two degrees–one in nutrition and the other in psychology–and I also have a teaching license. I recently completed my first year of teaching, but I didn’t get hired back for this coming year due to budget constraints. So, what does someone like me–who can’t stand not having anything to do and is a crafting nerd–do? I decide to accomplish one of my dreams and have my own business! I love being able to create things and make an idea turn into reality. Hopefully I will be successful in this venture and also provide some inspiration to others along the way!

I met my wonderful husband back in December of 2005, and we married in August of 2008. When we married, I moved to another small town in Tennessee that is about an hour from my hometown and live happily with my husband and two fur babies, Oscar (dog) and Coco (cat).


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