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Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully, this year will go much better than the last!

At the Mace household, we are taking down the few Christmas decorations that we had up and attempting to find a place to put them in our now even more crowded garage. Never have been able to park a car in there (craft projects, lawn mower, weed eater, trash cans, etc)! Over the holidays, I was at my parents’ house where I learned my niece will soon be taking over my old room, which meant that EVERYTHING had to come out. 25 years worth of stuff is A LOT of stuff. Some of the things I did donate to our local help center and the rest is currently sitting in my garage, in my car, or still at my parents’ house. Some stuff I hadn’t seen in years, but it brought back some wonderful memories. Hopefully she’ll enjoy the room as much as I did.

Ok, on to the tip I have for you today! I may have said this before, but I cannot stay in one single craft area. Just can’t do it. I make candles. Sometime pouring the candle wax causes air bubbles, which leave your candle looking like this:

Air bubbles result

Air bubbles result

Not how I want a candle looking. I had to get rid of the ugly surface, but I didn’t know how, so I thought a little bit and came up with an option.

Here is what you’ll need to fix this problem: Heat gun.

Turn on the heat gun and let it warm up a little before you direct it towards the wax. I recommend leaving the candle sitting on a flat surface instead of picking it up to blast it with the heat gun because tilting it causes the wax to go up on the sides….which can also be fixed with the heat gun, but it’s a step you don’t have to do. Just direct the heat gun towards the wax, which will melt, and liquefy the top. Let the wax harden and here’s what you get:

After the heat gun

After the heat gun

You may have to do it more than once depending on how many air bubbles were there and how many you may have put in during the melting.

Hope this helps some of you candle makers out there!