Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

Yes, I know, I’ve gone a long time without a post…..again. Everything has been so hectic around here especially with starting a new business. So, let me fill you in a little bit. I did my first craft show in November. I don’t feel like I did very well, but I was told that if you make back what you paid for the booth, that you did really well, so I’m looking at the show from that standpoint. The only critique that the ones sponsoring the show gave was that I needed to have more items made up, ready to sell right there instead of ordering. I’ll know next time 🙂

Anyway, I finally got around to making my Christmas cards! Yay! And for once I’m actually pleased with them. Sent them out yesterday!

Since I never have enough of the same paper, all of my cards are a little different in one way or another, but I guess you can say that it makes them unique. Here they are:

1) This is all of them together.

DSCN7860 (2)

2) Now, the rest are just single pictures and details.

DSCN7862 (2)

DSCN7869 (2)

DSCN7879 (2)

DSCN7881 (2)

DSCN7878 (2)

Hopefully, the recipients of these cards will enjoy them! And I hope you have enjoyed them, too! If I don’t post before Christmas, please have a wonderful day filled with memories!

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