Hello world!

Hello to all you who are reading this! Welcome to Lollipops & Tangerines! If you are coming from my now-dormant {ippity} blog, you’ve made it safe and sound!

Now that I am no longer an {ippity} chick, I will be able (*hopefully*) to post more projects since I’m not constrained to using only Unity or {ippity} stamps. I’ve actually already got one project ready to show you all! Bet you weren’t expecting a project on my first post…lol.

A friend at work asked me to make a banner and some advice cards for her sister’s baby shower last week, so I’m going to start off with those! She got her idea of what she wanted from PolkadotsĀ & Pirates. There were a few things that she wanted to change about the design: 1) the colors….dark yellow and gray instead of the bright pinks and greens,2) a different bird, and 3) Change ‘Advice and Wishes…’ to just ‘Advice.’ So, without further adieu, here’s the project!

Here’s a couple of the advice cards:

And now, here’s the banner:

I think it’s quite cute, but I guess I’m a little biased!

Ok…that’s all I’ve got for the moment, but stay tuned…there will be more to come!!



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